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Psychotherapy in Horsforth, Leeds (LS18)

Steve Cordingley, Psychotherapist

UKRCP registered independent counsellor and psychotherapist;  MBACP (Accred)

Living With Long-Term & Severe Difficulties

Psychotherapy tends to be more helpful to those struggling with specific disorders and trying hard to make sense of life or what others might see as the unusual way they experience things.   Isolation is profoundly destructive to health in humans and a person struggling in this way can feel horribly alone.

What many see as an illness that cannot change, psychotherapy sees as difference that extends to experiencing life in an unusual way. Even the apparently very ill can recover and enjoy truly fulfilled and positive lives.

In this field, I have most experience working with individuals, families and couples where one individual has an identified psychiatric disorder, such as psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, hypomania and so on.  However, I have also worked with the same groups where the individual is in pre or early diagnosis period.   Depending on the hopes and aims of my client/s, I tend to work toward an increased ability to live life as experienced, and to help loved ones to cope better with the reality of the difficulty rather than try to clamp down, supress, or 'cure'.

In the case of personality disorders, where one has been diagnosed, again, I have worked most often with individuals and couples and sometimes families. However, most of my experience in this area has been working with individuals.  My approach here of course, also depends on the aims of my client/s and my general hope is that my client/s will be able to overcome some of the underlying difficulties and begin to experience their life differently.

Psychiatric Conditions
Personality Disorders
Aspergers, Autistic Spectrum and ADHD

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