Need to Cancel an Appointment?


Cancellations should be at least three working days in advance please. Cancellations at shorter notice may be charged (at full rate).

Why 3 Days Notice?

I ask for 3 days so that I can have time to offer the appointment to other clients.   If you cancel at shorter notice, I will still offer the space to other clients and if it is taken, I will not charge you for the missed appointment.

But if you cancel at a minimum of three days notice, I will not charge you whether I am able to give it to another client or not.

Moving and changing appointments

If either you or I need to move an appointment, it can usually be possible but is easier with as much notice as possible.  If your appointment is moving from an evening to a daytime appointment, you will be charged the daytime appointment fee.  If you are moving from a daytime to an evening appointment time, the evening appointment fee will be charged unless you are moving to accommodate me, in which case your usual daytime fee will be charged.  If you ask me to move an appointment that we are due to have in less than three days and I have another available appointment in the same week, I will treat it as a move.  If you ask for a move at short notice and there are no others available, I will treat it as a cancellation as the notice is less than three days.

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