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Experience, Training & Qualifications

Who is Steve Cordingley?

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, EMDR Therapist and Clinical Supervisor in Horsforth (LS18) district of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I am a qualified and experienced BACP Accredited, and UKRCP registered counsellor/psychotherapist, systemic practitioner and EMDR Therapist and am also a clinical supervisor.  I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework, complaints procedures and insurance policies.

My client work includes individuals, couples, families and groups.   I have been in full-time, formally supervised professional practice since January 2004 and have worked with thousands of clients in private practice and in professional healthcare settings, including NHS-led Primary Care (IAPT) and Secondary Care (NHS Psychological Therapies Service and Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)) mental healthcare settings.  I have also worked extensively in employment and workplace counselling and in the voluntary/charitable sector and in-house as a telephone counsellor, case manager and later, senior case manager for both large and small EAP (employment assistance providers).

I can see individuals, couples (including marriage and relationship counselling), and families and am also an experienced group therapist.  I am able to offer supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists and to work as a trainer and mentor for other professionals on a number of areas of special interest and experience.

Relevant Qualifications & Accreditations/Registrations:

Additional training:

Professional experience

Summary of My Main Training

I undertook the first four years of my counselling training here: Metanoia Institute.   Training at this institute is among the most rigorous in the country and is regarded as being among the most respected in its chosen fields.  This is a BACP Accredited training and, when I was there, it was mandatory that the training take at least four years.   This is very different from many colleges and courses that qualify their students in two years or less.  As part of the core training, we were required to undertake a supervised counselling placement of a minimum 400 hours, to submit written reports from our supervisors and demonstrate competence in theory, self-reflection and application of theory to practice.  After completing the main training in late 2003, I began full-time professional practice in 2004 and continued my training to complete viva and case studies in 2005 and was awarded both an Hons Degree and a Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling.

I have subsequently gained a deeper understanding of the importance of early life development, family structures, patterns and systems that tend to have a powerful influence on the way adults interact with others, especially in close personal relationships at home and at work.  I have undertaken regular further training and professional development work and have successfully completed two years of post-graduate study at the Leeds Family Therapy & Research Centre, part of University of Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, studying Family Therapy & Systemic Practice.

I am accredited as a counsellor/psychotherapist by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (see BACP) and am a registered independent counsellor/psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (UKRCP).

I later spent a year training at the Institute Of Group Analysis in London, studying supervision in a group setting.

I see/work with:

If you are wondering how much therapy you might need, I have included a guide, based on my clinical experience.


Specialised Services

Contact & Locations

Individual, couples and family counselling rooms in Horsforth, Leeds, LS18.

Contact and Locations

Overview of My Training

4 years training at Metanoia Institute in London, 2 years post graduate training at Leeds Family Therapy & Research Centre, part of University of Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, plus further additional short courses in related subjects and areas of special interest.  Currently completing, 1 year post graduate Institute of Group Analysis, London.


Self Referrals

Anyone can arrange to see me - you do not need a referral. Please contact me on the number or e-mail address on the contacts page to ask for an appointment.

Professional Referrals

I can take referrals from any professional, colleague or organisation so long as the person you are referring has given their permission for you to do so.  I will take referrals from medical professionals, community mental health teams, social workers and employee assistance programmes and, if you provide contact information for me to offer an appointment, I will assume that they have given their permission.

Please make the person/s you are referring aware that I cannot leave messages on telephones or answering machines unless they have given their permission as this can be a breach of their confidentiality.

Where I Work - Horsforth (LS18)

Professional Therapist in LS18

I see clients at my practice on New Road Side, in Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, where there is on street parking outside the therapy rooms and on adjacent streets.   I have space at these offices to see individuals, couples and families.

Map to Horsforth therapy rooms

Street View of Horsforth consulting rooms entrance

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