Family Therapy & Counselling

Family therapy & counselling can be a surprisingly effective way to resolve and heal by bringing into play some of the closest and most vital, resourceful and caring relationships we have.

Introduction to Family Counselling

Family therapy can include any and all members of your family.   When thinking of family therapy, many might expect a typical family will include one or both parents and one or more of their children - and this is indeed a good description of many of the family groups seen in family therapy.   Grandparents are often part of it too, as are aunts and uncles sometimes.   Families at all life-stages come to see a counsellor, perhaps where 'children' are adults themselves, where the parents are grandparents and so on.

And not every family has a traditional structure and I am very pleased to welcome any family and group including step families, multiple parents, step parents, step grandparents and full, half, adopted, fostered and step siblings.

I also see sibling groups where brothers and sisters or any group from a single generational layer and of any age above 16-years have things they want to work on together.

You can find information about family therapy charges on the Appointments & Fees page.

Families & Specialist Issues

See Psychotherapy page for more information on my experience of working with specific difficulties and disorders.

How Family Therapy Works

We're All In This Together

When a family notices that they have a 'problem' it can often be that the problem is the way one person or another is behaving, or perhaps something that one person has done.  In family therapy, we believe that those problems can best be understood by looking at the whole family and asking what might be going on that could lead to this outcome.

Families usually come to family therapy because whatever is happening, it affectes everyone to some degree, and so everyone can take part in resolving it - and without anyone being the 'culprit' or to blame.  As a family therapiist, I work on the understanding that everyone probably has something to contribute to finding new ways of doing things and allowing any healing that is needed to be successfully completed.

And in that sense, I feel that it is fair to say that family therapy is still about discovery and change and, because it can involve all the main individuals, it can work effectively and, quite often, more quickly than when working with one of the individuals alone.

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