How Do Appointments Work?

For Counselling and Psychotherapy

Individuals, couples and families


Sessions are usually in 50-minute or 90-minute slots, most often as weekly sessions though sometimes it can be helpful and appropriate to meet more than once each week for a time.  I try to accommodate clients that cannot make weekly appointments so long as our therapeutic goals can be met.

Fees & Charges Vary According To Time/Day

Available Appointment Times

I usually see clients at my practice address in Horsforth Monday to Wednesday. I see people by remote link on Thursdays and Friday mornings. My earliest appointmements are usually 09.30 and the last appointment of the day usually starts at 19.30.  Appointments are possible outside these times by special arrangement under certain circumstances.

Your First Appointment

For first appointments, it can sometimes be helpful to meet for a 90-minute session to allow time to cover as much of what has been happening as we can.  If this is something you might find useful, let me know when booking your first appointment.

Ongoing Appointments

Ongoing appointments are usually weekly and if at all possible, should be set to be the same time on the same day each week.  Usually, at our first or, sometimes, second appointment, we can agree how long our first contract will be (typically likely to be three, four, six or eight sessions) before we review to decide whether you have reached your goals or what progress you have made toward your desired goals and agreeing a longer contract.

Contact & Locations

Individual, couples and family counselling rooms in Horsforth, Leeds, LS18.

Contact and Locations