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Counselling Supervision in Horsforth,

Leeds, LS18, West Yorkshire

Clinical Supervision for Individuals and Groups

Supervision - Working Together in Reflective Practice

I offer individual and group supervision at my main practice address: The Therapy Rooms at 69A, New Road Side, Horsforth.

Person-centred, Systemic, Analytic, Collaborative.

My Perpsective On The Role Of Supervision

I recognise the importance of a consistent and vibrant supervision relationship and its potential to contribute to effective, safe practice, successful outcomes and professional development.   And I believe that the work we do requires a demanding, continuous investment of ourselves and that too deserves to be explored, understood and reflected upon.

Although clinical supervision is primarily about the professional self, I still work in the knowledge that we are relational beings: the connections we have and the feedback we get can help us find the meaning of our experience.   This alone can be surprisingly helpful to a fellow professional and, in its turn, enrich the work we do.

I believe in these things and, sometimes, I wonder if relying on core principles alone is enough - especially if your client is struggling under the burden of a frightening life outcome.  I am knowledgeable, experienced and pragmatic and, if I think you might find some information or experience I have useful, I am likely to offer it.

I am also familiar with the demands brought by the strategic changes in the way psychological therapies are being provided in Yorkshire, IAPT, liaising with medical and psychiatric professionals, and evaluation, measurement and reporting.

Below you can see something of my experience and get an idea of what I might be able to offer.

A Perspective on Theory

Probably a majority of practicing counsellors and psychotherapists are working in some form of integrative model.  Even if they describe themselves as having a specific orientation, say Person-Centred or Psychodynamic, they are likely to include other things, perhaps some TA or Gestalt, some Object Relations or perhaps Solutions Focused methodologies and conceptual frames or, something else that I haven't mentioned here.

And many are now trained or training in an integrative model of some kind and few of those trainings clearly set out to integrate theoretical perspective 'x', with theoretical perspective 'y', and one therapist emerging from such a training can be integrating a very different set of models than a peer in the same training.  Perhaps the Leeds Met course in the Relational approach is an exception, where Person-Centred and Psychodynamic views were brought together to create their working model based on the Relationship.

For my part, I have trained extensively in the Rogerian concepts of Person-Centred working, in Systemic Practice and family work, and in psychoanalytic concepts through Group Analytic supervision training.

I am interested in the relationship, the therapeutic alliance and in having shared therapeutic goals.  In supervision, I am also interetsed in helping the psychotherapist or counsellor to develop a clear belief in their client/s and in having a genuinely held hope for the work.

Whether you work in a way that focuses on expressions of 'the self', on the Core Conditions, includes or excludes the existence of an unconscious, eschews or embraces tranferential relationships or the concept of splitting, I am happy to work with you.  What matters to me is that we both take your work seriously, we have a language to explore what is happening and that we both understand the value of the exploration.  I believe the success of the supervision will pivot on our relationship and a shared conceptual framework.  And discovering that, perhaps, is a question for both of us.

My Experience In Brief

I enjoy working with practitioners trained in humanistic and psychodynamic/analytic models and have supported, mentored and supervised counsellors from a variety of modalities and backgrounds in diverse clinical and therapeutic settings ranging from private practice to being clinical lead in a very busy NHS-led service.

I studied for four years at the Metanoia Institute in London, a further two years post graduate study at Leeds Institute of Health Sciences at the University of Leeds and another year at The Institute of Group Analysis in London.  I was Accredited as a counsellor/psychotherapist by the BACP in early 2008 and have been a full-time professional therapist since January 2004.  My experience includes working with individuals, couples and families and I have been facilitating therapeutic groups since 2003.

To give you a sense of my practice, I have accrued well over 8,000 hours of formally supervised counselling experience and have, in that time, taken more than 1,500 hours of clinical supervision in group and individual settings.  The great majority of my experience is as a working therapist in demanding settings delivering as many as 25 sessions per week.  In addition to my main clinical experience, I have worked as Clinical Lead in Primary Care and CMHT settings (see Professional Profile for more information on my relevant experience).

If you are considering looking for a supervisor, I will be pleased to hear from you.


Individual Supervision

Group Supervision

Low Cost Supervision

I have some limited space for individual supervision clients requiring a low cost option.  Please contact me to discuss if you need to.

I accept student counsellors and counsellors in training from BACP Accredited courses.


Cancellations should be at least five working days in advance please.  Cancellations at shorter notice may be charged.