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Clinical Supervision in a Group Setting

Group Supervision in Horsforth, Leeds, LS18

Group Supervision for practicing or training counsellors & Psychotherapists - starting June\July 2012


Hello and welcome to the Group Supervision page.  I hope you will find enough here to give you a sense of what to expect if you are considering joining the group.

The Group Supervision Experience

I strive to facilitate a small, safe and supportive group of practitioners who develop a collaborative working relationship, each bringing a thoughtful contribution to the supervision experience.  Supervisees bring case work in roughly equal rotation and, in sharing their experience of their work with the group, can benefit not only from a direct supervisory relationship, but also the collaborative exploration with the group - which of course, includes the observation, reflection and participation of the supervisor.

All Modalities are Welcome

Part of the value of joining a group for clinical supervision is exploring what has been reflected in the group process that might further our understanding of the work we have in view; this can be revealing and informative in a number of ways.  While that means that technically, this group might seem to be grounded in the Group Analytic tradition and perhaps at first glance might feel most familiar to those with an interest or training in relational, systemic, psychodynamic or possibly integrative psychotherapy, it is not far removed from most orientations and modalities and excludes perhaps only CBT.  All modalities are welcome and a mix of orientations in the group adds richness and diversity to the material and language included.  Perhaps the most important (only?) criteria for joining is having an interest in using a supervision group to gain insight into the work we do.

As supervisor, I hold all the usual clinical and supervision responsibilities, will provide space for each supervisee, and agree arrangements with each member, etc.

Can you have Group and Individual Supervision at the same time?

The answer is yes, but not with the same supervisor as it would create a conflict of interest for the supervisor in one or the other setting.

My Background

I am a BACP Accredited counsellor & psychotherapist with eight years and comfortably more than 8,000 hours of post-training clinical experience.  This experience has been gained by working in a variety of demanding settings, including NHS Primary and Secondary Care, CMHT, EAP, private practice and voluntary/third sector agencies.

I have experience of a number of the challenges that face therapists in the current working environment, including mental health experience, abuse, trauma, suicide and risk, the pressure of performance and measurement, various psychiatric and personality disorders (see Psychotherapy), and more.

I have recently moved from working as a Band 7 Adult Psychotherapist with Leeds pft Psychological Therapy Service seeing outpatients at the Becklin Centre to leading the counselling team at Leeds Mind Wellbeing Service in Clarence House, Horsforth.  The rest of my week is given over to working in private practice.

My first training extended over 4-years at Metanoia Institute and I have completed a further two years post-graduate training in Systemic Practice, at Leeds Family Therapy & Research Centre.  I have recently completed further training for a diploma in group supervision at The Institute of Group Analysis in London.

If you would like more information, have a look at my Professional Profile, where you will also find details of My Training & Qualifications, or get in touch to talk in person.

The group will run fortnightly, preferably on a weekday morning (this can be changed by mutual negotiation), with the intention of running for a minimum of one year.  Supervision will be at my practice address: 69A New Road Side, Horsforth, LS18 4JX.  If you need more supervision hours and the rest of the group also agree, it is possible that the group can meet weekly.

The group will take the usual vacations and breaks during the year.

For further information and discussion, please contact:

Steve Cordingley

Find Me/Contact Me

T: 07815 412 853



Cancelling when part of a group can affect the dynamic of the whole group, not just the supervisor and supervisee.  But sometimes it can't be avoided.  Cancellations should be at least five working days in advance please, to give the group plenty of warning that you won't be able to attend.  If the group is running as usual, I will expect you to pay your fee for the missed session.