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Counselling - How I Work

Horsforth, Leeds (LS18), West Yorkshire

Steve Cordingley, Counsellor & Counselling Supervisor

UKRCP registered independent counsellor and psychotherapist;  MBACP (Accred)

How I Work (The Longer Version)

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Reconnection with Experience, Facilitating Discovery, Change & Transformation

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First Steps

The first session is where you assess me and my working methods and I do my best to review and understand your reason for coming to see a therapist - let's say it is an assessment session on both sides.  If you decide to go ahead and arrange further appointments, we agree our work together, what the purpose of the work is, how often and when we will meet, what the cost per session will be, when and how we will review progress, what my cancellation policies are and so on.

Early stages of therapy are often focused on developing a relationship and building trust.   During this time, my role includes gaining a deeper understanding of your experience and difficulty and I might offer ideas based on my emerging understanding.  As I check each aspect of my understanding of your situation with you, a deeper understanding often develops and, from this, you can usually begin to make the progress you are seeking.

After this, the work tends to evolve in a way that is specific to your particular experience of life, current difficulties or your personal goals.

Counselling Confidentiality

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